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Google has Trouble Shifting Nexus One

February 8, 2010

Sales of Google’s Nexus One smartphone are still slower than the search giant might well like it to be, with reports indicating that Google has managed to sell somewhere in the region of 80,000 devices.

Initial reports had indicated that Google’s Nexus One had had a very slow opening week indeed, and it seems that things haven’t improved much. According to the mobile analysts over at Flurry, the first week of sales for Google’s self-described “superphone” saw the search giant shift the fairly unimpressive number of 20,000 Nexus One devices. Now that we’re at the first month of sales, things are looking no more impressive.



Top 5 Games of 2009 – Wii Dominates

February 4, 2010

Usually we only really see charts and figures from the US when it comes to the games industry, but now there’s been a list compiled of the best selling games of last year, and it looks like Nintendo is going strong.

Apparently, it still prints money

The report was compiled by industry analysts MCV, which goes through a fairly in-depth breakdown of just how well the games industry has been performing over the course of 2009 before launching into the list proper. It’s interesting to see that, despite the fact that some games sold fantastically well (Modern Warfare 2 being the most obvious example), there was still something of a decline worldwide, which is to be expected given the current economic climate. Surprisingly though, a large proportion of that decline seems to have come from the aging PlayStation 2 market…


Nintendo Sees Record Breaking Christmas

January 18, 2010

Nintendo has managed to break records twice in the last month, with both its Wii home console and its handheld DS managing to exceed the previous records for most consoles sold in a month.

While we’ve yet to receive anything quite as detailed for Europe, Wired is reporting that the NPD group has released its figures for the games industry over the month of December, and they certainly make for some very interesting reading indeed. Despite many analysts’ predictions to the contrary, Nintedno has managed to beat stiff competition from both Sony and Microsoft (both of whose consoles saw price drops over the months leading up to Christmas) and see the most sales, not only in this Christmas, but in any single month ever.


App Store Hits 3 Billion Downloads

January 5, 2010

Apple’s App Store for the iPhone and the iPod Touch has today broken three billion downloads, with estimates putting the service at almost 120 downloads per second.

Towards the end of last September, Apple announced that its App Store had managed to pass the two billion mark and was, by all accounts, accelerating. Indeed, the news that the App store has passed three billion downloads comes just 98 days later, indicating a bit of an uptick in the number of downloads being made since then. Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, commented on the figure, saying that,


Ballmer Talks “Fantastic” Windows Sales

November 20, 2009

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has been nothing short of effusive when it comes to discussion of Windows 7’s sales figures, though it’s worth noting that he’s also not been all that clear about just how many copies of Windows 7 the company has sold.

Handsome devil 😉

Word comes via The Wall Street Journal that Ballmer described the whole launch and reception for Microsoft’s latest entry to the operating system market as “fantastic,” but he’s been fairly careful to dodge the question of just how many copies Microsoft has actually, y’know, sold to people. The one indication we have is that Ballmer claims the company has sold “two times” as many copies of Windows 7 as any other copy of Windows in its first few weeks.


Sony Chief Exec Disturbingly Honest

November 17, 2009

Sony chief executive, Sir Howard Stringer, has been uncomfortably honest about the current state of the consumer electronics industry and the upswing many had predicted that essentially hasn’t really shown up.

Stringer has been widely quote for his speech in Italy’s Il Sore 24 Ore, which contained the phrase, “There hasn’t been that turning point that many had hoped for. We are waiting for a signal that hasn’t arrived.” It’s interesting to see that Stringer is so very open about the current state of the industry and Sony’s position in it, but at the same time, it’s hardly optimistic.


Windows 7 Release Spurs PC Sales

November 4, 2009

As many industry analysts had predicted, the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7, has seen sales of PC hardware bounce back, surpassing even some of the more optimistic expectations.

microsoft logo

Indeed, for the week ending October 24th, that is to say, the week Windows 7 launched, PC sales were up 40% compared to the same period last year. Moreover, Windows 7 was only available for the last two days of that week, so we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that sales had been ever more impressive for the following week.


Apple Approves Rhapsody for App Store

September 10, 2009

It seems as though Apple’s App Store for the iPod Touch and iPhone is starting to loosen up properly now. Almost within a week of one another, Apple has approved both Spotify and, now, Rhapsody.

rhapsody logo

Rhapsody is often seen as “the other Spotify” and, indeed, the two have very similar business models, offering streaming music and the option to bump up to a premium account for unlimited music without advertising. The big deal here though is that Rhapsody comes with the not inconsiderable weigh of RealNetworks behind it.