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Get Going on VOIP for Home Use

February 5, 2010

VOIP was, for a very long time, something that we couldn’t get away from in tech media. It’s convenient, it can save you money, it’s not a total pain in the face to set up (something that can be true of traditional phone options), and it’s something that, for most people, hasn’t quite caught on as much as expected.

While a vast number of people have a Skype account and indeed, at any given time there seems to be anywhere between 15 and 25 million people actually logged in to the service, the fact is that there just doesn’t seem to be too much drive towards VOIP for general home use. Still, it’s worth considering, given the potential savings to be had, and especially with the existence of services like SkypeIn, which mean you’re still contactable at the same phone by others.



3G Skype to Hit iPhone

February 4, 2010

It seems that Skype will soon be offering its iPhone users the ability to call one another using the service across 3G data connections.

At the moment, there is already a Skype app available for the iPhone through Apple’s App Store, but it only allows for calls being made over Wi-Fi connections, which, as well you might imagine, somewhat neuters the device when it comes to practical day-to-day use. Now though, it seems that the folks at Skype will be sorting out any lingering issues and offering a version that should allow a little more mobility.


Skype Sees Massive Boost

January 19, 2010

It seems that Skype has seen a massive bump over the course of the last year or so, with the VOIP company now accounting for fully 12% of all international calling minutes.

According to a report from TeleGeography, growth of international telephone traffic on a whole has slowed, while Skype has seen its uptake continue steadily, managing to accumulate a massive following. It’s worth noting that Skype accounts for fully 12% of all “international calling minutes” but we’d imagine the percentage of international calls carried by Skype is far lower… it’s just that those using Skype for international calls are more likely to stay on the phone significantly longer.


Skype to Get More Social?

January 18, 2010

Skype could befit massively from a move to supply VOIP to other social networks, using its vast user base as solid evidence that the service can offer the kind of scale needed.

Indeed, as pointed out by LooseWireBlog, Skype boasts more users than Twitter, Facebook and MySpace combined, which makes it, in an off-beat kind of way, the biggest social networking platform on earth. Still, the fact is that most users have opted to make an account not for the “social networking” side of things, but so that they can make phone calls on the cheap, which is always going to be a big draw.


Walk Towards the Light

January 13, 2010

Chinese company Dream Cheeky seems to have a solution at hand for anyone who wants to prove just how popular they are. Their new USB Webmail Notifier will casually sit beside your PC while connected to your email account, before lighting up to notify you of every new email you receive.

Dream Cheeky done good on this one

The device can even add in a sound to make it more obvious that someone is demanding your attention, or maybe it’s just another crappy newsletter heading into your inbox, but hey, it lights up and makes sounds so who cares!


Skype Reaches Out Through HDTVs

January 6, 2010

Skype has announced today that, as part of a partnership with Panasonic, it wil be adding its voice over internet protocol (VOIP) software to Panasonic’s line of Viera HDTVs.

Panasonic’s new line of Viera cast-enabled tellies is set to hit during the still-vague “2010”, and with Skype coming pre-installed the company will be able to boast free Skype-to-Skype video calling out of the box, which is no mean feat at all. It’ll also be attractive to those who’ve been looking to ditch their house phones but can’t quite get around to it or for some reason or another don’t like the idea of a physical Skype-phone.

In a market with an atmosphere like the current HDTV market, where many products appear (to the casual observer, at least) to be fairly similar, the ability to make calls directly from one TV to another for free could well be a big selling point for the folks at Panasonic, to say nothing of the positive effect that broadening the software’s userbase will have for Skype, which essentially trades on the fact that it’s so widely used and relatively cheap.

Naturally, a wider userbase increases the likelihood that people will use some of Skype’s fee-based services too. While the option to call or videocall other Skype users is a pleasant one, the real bonus is, of course, in the ability to call other phones for less than the normal charge. It might well be a bit of a hard sell for some, but it’s not bad if it’s something that just comes as an add-on for a TV.

We’ll be curious to see how well Panasonic does out of the deal; it certainly won’t hurt the company to be able to offer something that others aren’t though, and cheap phone calls are a big draw.

Google Acquires Gizmo5

November 10, 2009

Google has managed to get in under Skype’s feet and snatch VOIP setup Gizmo5, setting the stage for a very strange web of services indeed, and one that Skype won’t be too pleased with.


TechCrunch is reporting that Skype had been angling to pick up Gizmo5 during the last month or so while Gizmo5 the two were embroiled in legal proceedings. At some point during the whole affair though, Skype managed to settle the whole thing, which made Gizmo5 look like a far less worthwhile investment… at least, it looked like a far less worthwhile investment to Skype. Google had other ideas.


Skype Founders to Launch Music Service

November 9, 2009

Skype’s founders, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, have put their not inconsiderable weight behind a new venture into the online music service sector called Rdio.

RDIO logo

TechCrunch has put its nose to the ground and managed to ferret out some very interesting details indeed about the current state of the Skype founders’ new project, not least of which the fact that a LinkedIn search reveals just one staff member in the form of Malthe Sigurdsson, former Creative Director for Skype.


Skype Teeters on Brink of Open Source

November 3, 2009

Yesterday it was revealed through the unusual medium of a routine Skype customer support call about the availability of the service on Linux that Skype was to be made open source… which seems big news indeed.

skype logo

Naturally, as soon as the wider internet got hold of the information, it ran and ran. The original blog post from Olivier Faurax that got the whole thing started states that when he contacted Skype’s customer support to inquire about a version of the software for Mandriva Linux, whenupon he was informed that,

“We understand that many users cmplain that there is no Mandriva version at present. We are happy to be able to inform you that Skype will from now on be part of the open source community. Therefore Linux developers will be enabled to influence the development of the Skype client for Linux – which will most certainly result in specific versions for the different distributions.”


Vivox to Bring Voice Chat to Facebook

September 16, 2009

While the vast majority of Facebook related “apps” are basically just quizzes and spam, Vivox has announced its intention to set up voice-chat for Facebook users who really want to stay in touch.


TomsGuide has the word that, in order to make use of Vivox’s Facebook voice-chat, users will be expected to download a specialised plug-in. After that though, you’ll be all set up to start voice-chatting with your Facebook contacts, though whether or not that’s something most Facebook users will want or need remains to be seen.