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Microsoft Finds iPad “Humorous”

January 29, 2010

It seems that the folks at Microsoft aren’t at all worried about Apple’s upcoming tablet, the recently officially announced iPad, with the company’s official line on the device being that they find it to be “humorous.”

The recent tablet announcement from apple puts in a curious situation, when you take it all into account. Microsoft tried desperately around 2000-2002 to launch the tablet, notebook PC as a real option for the average user, though in those days tablets were clunkier things with stylus’ and usually full keyboards. Skip forward almost ten years, and Apple is launching its own tablet, while Microsoft shows some renewed interest in the area that it seemed to have long since given up as a niche with the new line of “slate” styled PCs.



MSI Shows Off Pine Trail Netbooks

January 6, 2010

MSI has taken the opportunity to unveil its new line of netbooks, boasting the next-generation of Intel’s Atom processor, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Word comes via the Register that the MSI Wind U135, which had been rumoured to include a Pine Trail processor just before Christmas, weighs in at around the ten-inch mark and boasts the Atom N450. That means that MSI’s new netbook has an energy efficient single core, dual threaded processor.

Perhaps more interesting still is the news that MSI’s U135 has been the first netbook based on the upcoming Pine Trail chip to receive a WiMAX certification from the folks at Intel, which is good news for those who’ve been waiting for a more WiMAX enabled future to creep up on them.


Lenovo Debuts Skylight Smartbook

January 5, 2010

Lenova is showing off its latest device, the “smartbook” it’s calling the Skylight, and managing to whip up plenty of positive responses too.

The Skylight is billed as being somewhere between a netbook and a smartphone, though at 10.1” it seems to trend far closer to the netbook side of things than that name might imagine. It boasts a fairly standard netbook-styled keyboard too, but under the skin it’s a lot closer to a smartphone than most of the other netbooks on the market. It doesn’t run Windows either, which is an interesting starting point, considering the current situation in the netbook market, which had a fairly brief flirtation with Linux before returning to Windows.


Asus to Launch Android Netbook

October 30, 2009

Asus has announced that it is to launch an Andoid-based netbook early in 2010, despite the fact that the company seemed to have cooled on Android in recent months.

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We're more excited for this than we probably should be...

For now, details are relatively thin on the ground, but Asus’ upcoming Android offering is to run a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a fact that’s led to the device being called a “smartbook” rather than a netbook (according to the folks at Engadget, the only qualifier for being a smartbook is to be a netbook running an ARM processor). Unfortunately we don’t know very much else about it; Asus has been tight lipped on the internal drive,