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Facebook Adds Comment Reply via Email

January 13, 2010

Facebook is rolling out a service that will see users able to reply to comments left on their updates simply by replying to the email notification that they receive informing them that someone has left a comment.

It’s a relatively simple update, and indeed, one that some Facebook users (who had their Facebook’s set to languages they could read) twigged a couple of months back, before Facebook confirmed that it was working on something to allow users to reply directly from their email inboxes. It’s a relatively simple idea, and one that could see Facebook’s comments skyrocket when it comes to those of us who receive mail directly to mobile devices but aren’t bothered opening Facebook apps every few minutes.



Facebook Gets a Lot More Public

December 10, 2009

Facebook has started rolling out its new privacy settings, which give users a fair bit more control over just who can see their status updates and various uploads, but underneath all that there’s something a little less respectable happening. Facebook is making itself a bit more like Twitter.

Facebook may well be giving users a little more room to breathe when it comes to choosing who sees their updates, which is all well and good, but it’s also taken the opportunity to make sure thatthe option to make status updates something a little more public is front and centre, with the “Everyone” update in the same list. That’s what’s got users reminded of Twitter, a service that many have said Facebook tries quite hard to ape when it comes to status updates.


Yahoo to Increase Facebook Integration

December 3, 2009

Yahoo is to push further into Facebook integration than it already has in the first half of 2010. It’s announced that it is to start “deeply” integrating Facebook Connect with its own services, including Mail and News.

Earlier this year, Yahoo told us all that it wasn’t a search company, which raised all kinds of questions about how it had managed to gain such a substantial block of the search market. It then rebranded itself as a kind of ultimate homepage, boasting news, mail and support for users to post Facebook status updates without having to leave Yahoo’s own page, which means more people spending more time on Yahoo… something it clearly wanted.


Facebook to Allow Comments via Email

November 23, 2009

It’s started to look as though Facebook will soon allow its users to comment on other users status updates without the inconvenience of having to actually, y’know, leaving the safety and comfort of their own mail client.

The whole thing is reminiscent of the release of Facebook Lite.

TechCrunch is reporting that Facebook’s latest move has already been rolled out to a very select group of users, having managed to narrow down about four tweets that mention users have noticed that they can already use Facebook’s latest addition. If nothing else, this could well be a godsend for those desperate to keep up to date and in the mix with Facebook from offices where the social networking service has been blocked.


Facebook Pages Update Twitter

August 21, 2009

Facebook has today launched a new feature for users of its Pages service designed specifically to allow those users to share their Facebook status updates to Twitter automatically.


The new feature is for now only available to users with a Facebook Page, as opposed the standard Facebook profile you and I might own. This is a feature for people with “Fans” who might be interested in making the whole process of running a Facebook fan page and a Twitter profile for everyone to follow a little easier. Still though, it’s hard not to see this (as with so many other attempts to marry Facebook and Twitter) as sorely misguided.