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Adobe Talks Flash, Bemoans HTML5

February 4, 2010

It seems that Adobe hasn’t been appreciating the treatment it’s been getting in the media lately, which some particularly critical responses spurred by news that Apple’s iPad wouldn’t boast Flash compatibility.

Indeed, so negative has the response been that Adobe’s own chief technology officer, Kevin Lynch penning a blog, now posted to Adobe’s Featured Blogs, extolling the virtues of Flash and, without ever damning HTML5, subtly indicating that he feels it’s nowhere near as widely applicable as Flash when it comes to dishing up content. Indeed, Lynch is fairly forward, making the Apple connection himself early in the blog post when he says,



iPad to Hit Ireland in March

February 1, 2010

Apple’s iPad has been given something of a more solid release date for both the UK and Ireland, and it must be said that it’s a little ahead of Steve Jobs estimated June/July timeframe.

iPad, youPad, hePads, shePads, wePad, you(plural)Pad, theyPad 🙂

Indeed, Apple has updated it’s store page for those looking to pick up the touch-screen device, confirming pre-announcement rumours that Apple would start shipping the device in March. Of course, when those rumours first hit there was no indication yet that we’d see two different flavours of the device (one 3G capable and the other not). The update to Apple’s page simply reads,

“Wi-Fi models shipping in late March.
3G models shippin in April.
Local pricing to be announced.”


iPad Reaction

January 28, 2010

After all the build up, all the weeks of waiting Apple played things out in their usual style. Steve Jobs, a mic, a chair, a new product. It’s earned them billions so far so you can see why it would get good feedback but if all of the above was familiar about the launch of the iPad yesterday, the other familiar thing was tech experts saying that they might just waiting for the second version of the product before investing.

There's been a mixed response to the iPad today.

The main gripe thus far is that while it seems to do everything (anything your laptop or almost anything your smartphone can do is pretty much covered), it can only do anything once at a time with no real chance of multitasking. The lack of an SD card slot is also highlighted by several outlets.

As TrechCrunch put it, “The thing is beautiful and fast. Really fast. If you’ll excuse my hyperbole, it felt like I was holding the future. But is it a must-have? That’s a complicated question.” Beautiful it certainly is though, and along with a big screen (with a resolution is 1024×768 the iPhone/iPod is 480×320), it’s sporting a 1-Ghz custom Apple chip.

Meanwhile, one Crunchgear expert sums up the frustrations of many by saying, “It looks really cool, aesthetically, but the battery life and screen can’t replace my Kindle, the lack of USB ports and expandable storage can’t replace my netbook, and I already have an iPhone 3GS. So it’d basically be $500+ for a bigger screen, a slightly faster CPU, and an external keyboard that I’d never carry around with me. I might buy one in a year or two once they’ve gone through a couple revisions.” (more…)

Frantic Steve Jobs Stays Up All Night Designing Apple Tablet

January 27, 2010

Claiming that he completely forgot about the much-hyped electronic device until the last minute, a frantic Steve Jobs reportedly stayed up all Tuesday night in a desperate effort to design Apple’s new tablet computer. “Come on, Steve, just think—think, dammit—you’re running out of time,” the exhausted CEO said as he glued nine separate iPhones to the back of a plastic cafeteria tray. “Okay, yeah, this will work. This will definitely work. Just need to write ‘tablet’ on this little strip of masking tape here and I’m golden. Oh, come on, you piece of shit! Just stick already!”

Think dammit, think!

Middle-of-the-night sources reported that Jobs then began work on double-spacing his keynote presentation and increasing the font size to make it appear longer… Okay, this isn’t true obviously but actually some great work from the folks over at The Onion who have gotten a little tablet fever today just like the rest of us. We’ll have a run through the Apple tablet release in the morning, just so ya know.

Lady Gaga Becomes Polaroid Creative Director

January 7, 2010

In a genuinely bizarre turn of events, Polaroid has announced that it’s naming the strangely styled pop star Lady Gaga as its new creative director.

I'm baffled...

The vast majority of the news that comes out of CES does tend to be business and industry related, with relatively little to interest the more casual viewers… now though, it seems that Polaroid has decided to shake things up a bit by naming Lady Gaga as its new “creative director and inventor of specialty products.” Moreover, it seems as though it might not just be a bit of a grab for attention, with TomsHardware reporting that the announcement prompted a response from the woman herself that read,


App Store Sees Christmas Boost

December 29, 2009

Apple’s App Store saw a soaring amount of traffic this Christmas, with the vast number of iPod Touches given as gifts the biggest reason for the unusually high volume of apps downloaded.

Indeed, Cnet is carrying word that the number of downloads for the iPod Touch specifically, excluding the iPhone, was in the region of 1,000% higher than average. Moreover, the number of downloads for the lastest iteration of the iPod Touch hardware, often known as the iPod Touch 3G, was up by fully 900%. Still, that means that all of Apple’s success with the App Store over Christmas wasn’t from users hitting the App Store with their new hardware.


Firefox Mobile to Spell Death of App Stores?

December 18, 2009

Mozilla has claimed that it feels its upcoming mobile version of its popular Firefox web browser, named, appropriately enough, Firefox Mobile, could well usher in the beginning of the end for shops like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market.

Among my favourite browser logos...

According to a report from PC Pro, Mozilla’s own vice president of mobile, the oft quoted Jay Sullivan, is of the opinion that working with Firefox Mobile and developing what amount to “apps” but simply making them web-based instead will be the future. Indeed, if you’re going by what Sullivan has to say, then markets like the App Store won’t be around long. In his own words,


Smile Time – The Weekend’s Nearly Here

September 11, 2009

Hey there all, hopefully this week has been as kind to you as it’s been to us – or kinder, I was sick on Wednesday. Anyway, those of you who have already seen our Friday afternoon posts will know we like to pop up something a little light-hearted in the last couple of hours in the work-week because, let’s face it, they can drag on and on.

Earlier in the week we posted a piece on Tesco and Microsoft pairing up to deliver movies at DVD quality via digital download. I made a reference to the time Tesco declared war on Denmark, but apparently that’s not common knowledge, so here’s a nice video of the event itself.