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100 Million Streams for iPlayer

January 18, 2010

The BBC’s hugely popular iPlayer streaming service had its best month to date with over 100 million streams during December. The traditionally huge audiences for Christmas television helped matters greatly with Festive specials galore getting watched and re-watched via the iPlayer, indeed David Tennant’s farewell as Doctor Who which chalked up an impressive 1.3 million streams.

Cheer up Doc, lots of people watched you this Christmas

The most watched programme on the service over Christmas was Top Gear’s special set in Bolivia while radio-wise Terry Wogan’s departure from his Radio 2 breakfast show became something of a national event across the water and the velvet-voiced legend’s farewell to fans helped bump up the iPlayer numbers greatly.



YouTube to Get “Sports Hub”

December 11, 2009

YouTube has announced that it plans to expand its video offering by introducing what it’s calling a “Sport Hub” in a new partnership with SportAccord, a group representing 104 different sports bodies.

We’re used to YouTube announcing these kinds of moves directly on its blog, but this time word comes from the Telegraph of the move to introduce more sports content to YouTube. Perhaps most interesting is the fact that it seems YouTube intends to create a dedicated sport section, which is something it seems to have resisted so far.


Opera’s Unite Breaks Records

December 7, 2009

Opera has released an update to its browser, taking the browser to Opera 10.10, which sees its much-touted Unite service added to the browser. It’s meant a record-breaking week for Opera.

The numbers are fairly impressive; Opera has seen the latest version of its browser downloaded by around 12.5 million people in the last week alone, beating the record number of downloads it had had by fully 25%, set on the release of Opera 10. Of course, the big question is whether or not Unite, which many see as having been the driving force behind the latest figures, stands the test of time.


YouTube to Stream Alicia Keys Live

November 27, 2009

YouTube has announced that it plans to stream an Alicia Keys concert live on December the first from 8pm eastern US time, in an attempt to drum up support and awareness of World AIDS Day.

The streaming live event follows U2’s live stream of its recent concert to YouTube, which managed to garner itself over ten million viewers worldwide. While it seems unlikely that the Alicia Keys gig will generate quite the same amount of traffic, the fact that it’s all in the name of a good cause should at least give it a bit of a boost.


YouTube To Launch FullHD Video

November 16, 2009

YouTube has announced that it is to bump its streaming quality up to 1080p, for those who have a device capable of showing video at that resolution.

YouTube logo

According to a post on the official YouTube blog, the current “high quality” option for videos on YouTube sees video streamed at 720p, which does still qualify as “high definition” but for many isn’t considered to be true HD, a title often bandied around during the early days of this console generation and the days when HD-DVD and Blu-Ray started to appear.


MSN Music Not Competing With Spotify/Google

November 5, 2009

Microsoft’s Pter Bale, executive producer for its new audio service, MSN Music, has expressed the view that the service won’t be competing directly with Google’s Music Onebox or Spotify.

MSN Music

According an interview with TechRadar, Bale is of the opinion that the MSN music model won’t be overlapping too much with Google and Spotify’s streaming music. He took the time in an interview to highlight the differences between Microsoft’s offering and the existing services, saying that MSN Music is,

“… a downloadable service within MSN Music with an invitation-only streaming service for several thousand people.” He continued to say that, “We’ve had partnerships with OD2 and then Nokia – but following changes to Nokia’s music strategy we needed a new partner.”


NASA to Stream Moon Crash

October 8, 2009

NASA has announced that this weekend web-based fans of all things high-tech and in space will be able to watch its latest science project smash into the moon at breakneck pace live online.

NASA logo

Basically, NASA’s latest probes will reach the moon at around 1230 tomorrow, so if you’re at all interested in the science and human achievement side of things then you should most definitely take a look at the NASA homepage and stream the whole thing. Still though, you don’t need to be a physicist to appreciate the beauty of what NASA has in play up there, the technical details make it something that even those not particularly interested in space to look forward.


Spotify Returns to Invitation Only

September 11, 2009

In a turn of events that goes a very long way to Spotify’s sudden cut in support for Irish non-premium users, the service has announced that it’s having a some trouble keeping up with spiralling demand.

spotify logo

Spotify has announced that it has had to return to an invitation-only model for the UK again. According to a post on the Spotify blog, the move comes after a significant increase in demand following the launch of Spotify’s mobile service. Of course, they’re trying to resolve the whole thing as quickly as possible, but as well you might have guessed, the fact that demand is outstripping the ability to provide a service is pretty good news as far as Spotify is concerned, especially considering the fact that not long ago people seemed to be damning it to failure.


Spotify Dies in Ireland

September 8, 2009

Spotify has, for an awfully long time, been something that Irish people could fairly easily sink their teeth into once they’d actually set up an account, a trick that was relatively easy to pull off using just about any old UK proxy.

spotify logo

Now though, anyone with a Spotify account that’s identified as being used primarily inside Ireland has been sent an email notification to inform them that their account will no longer be able to enjoy free music for the foreseeable future. That said, the account will still be available to… just kind of browse through Spotify’s library and build/share playlists you can’t listen to. That said, it’s not as though there’s no hope for Irish users, the mail from Spotify that users received reads,