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Videogames Don’t Cause Rickets

January 26, 2010

After news of a study into rickets was released last Friday, reports that videogames led to a higher instance of rickets did the rounds, now though, they’re being thoroughly debunked.

Apparently, the Xbox no longer causes serious illness 🙂

Indeed, all of the trouble seems to have stemmed from a report in the Metro that a study in the British Medical Journal had indicated that lengthy indoor activities were responsible for a general vitamin D deficiency, leading to the current rise in the number of cases of rickets. Now though, professor Simon Pearce and Dr. Timothy Cheetham, the two behind the survey, have responded to that inference fairly directly, with Dr. Timothy Cheetham telling GamesBrief that,

“I understand METRO has said that we have linked computers to rickets, whereas we are actually saying lack of outdoor activity in childhood is a risk for poor nutritional state.”



Smile Time – The Weekend’s Nearly Here

September 11, 2009

Hey there all, hopefully this week has been as kind to you as it’s been to us – or kinder, I was sick on Wednesday. Anyway, those of you who have already seen our Friday afternoon posts will know we like to pop up something a little light-hearted in the last couple of hours in the work-week because, let’s face it, they can drag on and on.

Earlier in the week we posted a piece on Tesco and Microsoft pairing up to deliver movies at DVD quality via digital download. I made a reference to the time Tesco declared war on Denmark, but apparently that’s not common knowledge, so here’s a nice video of the event itself.


Cheer up all – There’s a Weekend About

September 4, 2009

Happy Friday everyone, hopefully the week has been at least as good to you guys as it’s been to me, if not a bit better (not too much better though, or we’ll get jealous). Anyway, in case you’re new to it, we tend to throw together a just-for-fun blog post on a Friday afternoon in an attempt to cheer up everyone in the last couple of hours before the weekend really kicks off.

I literally laughed until I felt like I might be sick at the above, so I figured we’d throw it up on the blog and see how people liked it, given that it seems a lot of our readers are game people it seemed like it might appeal.

Other than that, there’ve been a couple of things that have just made us giggle a bit this week we thought we’d pass your way. This included: