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Microsoft Planning Office 15

December 10, 2009

With Office 2010 in public beta now, it seems that the majority of work on it is done, still, it’s a little surprising to hear that Microsoft is moving on to Office 15 already.

Of course, the whole thing isn’t entirely unexpected, we had received word very shortly after the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7, that the company was already moving on, with staff working away on Windows 8. The big difference is, for now at least, that the word that we could expect to see Windows 8 around 2012 prompted speculation that the manner in which MS releases OS updates would be changing to something a little more incremental… it seems less likely that that’s the case for Office.



Kindle 2 Update Adds PDFs and Better Battery

November 25, 2009

Amazon is updating its Kindle and adding some pretty impressive bits and pieces, including extending the device’s battery life of its Kindle 2 by up to 85% making the whole thing a lot more attractive, but that’s not all.

Word comes from TheRegister that Amazon has also added native PDF support, which has long been one of the features other ebook readers have claimed over the Kindle. The question now is whether or not these updates will just push those who have been, until now, just considering picking up an ebook reader to go for Amazon’s offering or if we’ll just see existing Kindle customers exceedingly pleased with the latest additions.


Intel Atom Support Hacked into Mac OS

November 23, 2009

With the release of its lastest update to Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6.2, Apple has cut support for Intel’s mobile processor line, the Atom. Now though, it seems that some intrepid “hackintosh” users have hacked support for the Atom back into the OS.

Mac OS X has long been the challenging alternative operating system to install on netbooks, and that looks set to continue now that the hackintosh crowd has managed to pull Atom support into a version of Mac OS that seems deliberately built to negate it. It’s been speculated already that Apple’s decision to drop support for Intel’s Atom line was born specifically out of the will to cut down on the number of non-Apple machines running Apple’s OS. If that’s the case, then Apple won’t be happy with the news.


Microsoft Comments on Project Natal Rumours

November 18, 2009

Microsoft has done everything short of actually denying the rumours surrounding its upcoming motion controller, claiming that earlier supposedly leaked information is “not accurate.”

The previous rumours (which many are still classifying as leaks) had hinted at the launch details of Microsoft’s motion controller, indicating that the new device might well not see launch until fairly late in 2010, but than when it did launch it would cost something around the £50/€55 mark, which puts it not too far away from the price of an Xbox 360 controller. Now though, word comes from GamesIndustry that Microsoft officials have responded to those rumours, saying that,


Apple Flip Flops on Atom Support

November 10, 2009

Apple has been back and forth on support for Intel’s Atom processor, with news emerging that the lastest version of Apple’s Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.2) once again not featuring support for the processor line.


News emerged last week that some people who’d been lucky enough to get their hands on the developer build of the upcoming update to Apple’s Mac OS X had found that the update removed support for Intel’s mobile processor line, the Atom. This wouldn’t have been too big an issue for Mac users (since none of Apple’s devices actually use the Atom processor) but it is an issue for anyone who’s “hackintoshed” their own netbook. Shortly afterwards, folks were happy to hear that support was, apparently returned. That appears now not to be the case.


Palm Pre Support Dropped from iTunes

July 16, 2009

While the Palm Pre and the iPhone might never be in direct competition in Ireland, thanks to the fact that they’re both exclusive to O2, the Pre is often seen as one of the few devices that could even possibly upset Apple’s apparent smartphone dominion. The only problem is that now you can’t use iTunes to put music on the Pre.


Apple has released an update to the oh-so-popular iTunes, pushing it to version 8.2.1, that kills support for Palm’s handset. Moreover, this isn’t something that’s hit out of the blue; about a month ago, Apple updated the iTunes support pages with a statement to the effect of, “We won’t guarantee that third party devices will be supported after updates…” Clearly the response that had seemed a little paranoid at the time (that Apple was referring specifically to the Pre) has proved to be well founded.