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Nintendo Developing New Device

February 4, 2010

It seems that the folks at Nintendo, despite its persistent and fairly unconvincing dismissal of any rumours until now, could well be working on a new console, something outside of its current lines entirely.

This... is not a GameBoy

Rumours that Nintendo had been working on something new had been floating around for a while, though many indicated that Nintendo would be to build an updated version of its motion-sensitive Wii (with many wondering if it could possibly be capable of high-definition output) while others had pointed to a motion-sensitive version of its by now near ubiquitous DS hardware. Instead, it seems that Nintendo is working on something a little different.



Microsoft Announces New Tablet Line-up

January 7, 2010

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took the opportunity last night at the Consumer Electronics Show to announce a new line of Windows-based tablets.

I actually don't have a problem with Steve Ballmer, but this image...

The Register is reporting that Microsoft’s CEO waxed lyrical about three different upcoming tablet PCs that will be released running Windows, including offerings from HP, Archos and Pegatron. While Ballmer was most forthcoming about the device from HP, which we understand Microsoft collaborated on, the one we’re curious to see is the Archos offering. Archos has been in the touch-sensitive display game for a long time when it comes to media players, so we’ll be curious to see what it can do when it comes to a full fledged PC.


Apple Tablet to Ship in March

January 5, 2010

With the vague rumours finally starting to solidify, it seems that Apple is pegged to ship its by-now entirely unsurprising tablet offering, tentatively referred to as iSlate by some, in March.

Word comes from a Wall Street Journal report that describes the device in terms far more concrete and intimate than just about anything else we’ve seen on the Apple device that, until recently, many had been saying would forever be vapourware. The report indicates that we can expect to see the product boast a 10-inch form factor and ship at some stage in March, which is, in the grand scheme of things, quite soon indeed.


Apple Tablet Sees Delays

December 29, 2009

Word has emerged that Apple’s long-rumoured tablet has seen some fairly significant delays, pushing the device’s release back from an expected, and heavily rumoured, late 2009 release, to a Q1 2010 release.

Word comes via DigiTimes of the delay, which is apparently due to an issue with the glass screens being made for the device. It seems that the issue is one of durability, with the DigiTimes report indicating that, “Apple has been seeking solutions to strengthen the glass of the 10-inch panel for the device” before it’s willing to launch it. Now, it seems that it’s settled that kafuffle, agreeing to work with Foxconn’s optical glass partner G-Tech Optoelectronics.


OLPC Shows Off Gorgeous Tablet

December 23, 2009

The crowd behind the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project has never been one to shy away from big challenges, but the news of its latest device is audacious even for a company with a penchant for the incredible.

If nothing else, it's a gorgeous device.

When the OLPC project was first announced, there was no shortage of dissenting voices, essentially telling anyone willing to listen that the project would be doomed. Years later, the OLPC project is still going strong, but now they’re showing off a concept for an OLPC tablet that maintains the vaguely toy-like qualities of the original and introduces some genuinely interesting new technology to the mix.


Windows 7 Mobile Due Late 2010

December 15, 2009

So far, Microsoft has been fairly tight-lipped about just when we can expect to see the next iteration of Windows Mobile, but now it seems that Microsoft UK’s Phil Moore has revealed just when we’ll be able to pick it up.

According to Mobile News, Moore spoke is some depth at the Connect technology summit in London about the current state of the smartphone industry, basically admitting that Windows Mobile doesn’t quite have the same degree of reach as its competitors. Indeed, as Microsoft’s head of mobility, it seems as though Moore is well placed to know, but he says that Microsoft isn’t finished in the mobile space yet, despite the setbacks.


CrunchPad Becomes JooJoo

December 8, 2009

Fusion Garage showed off the device formerly known as CrunchPad, now known as the JooJoo Internet Tablet, to the press for the first time last night, giving us a look at just what Michael Arrington’s brainchild has become during the journey from concept to reality.

TGDaily is carrying the story straight from Chandra Rathakrishnan’s demonstration of the product itself, and the device that could once have been the CrunchPad certainly seems dressed to impress. Some of the promises originally made of the CrunchPad have certainly been kept, including the fact that the device boots in a very impressive nine seconds, boasts no physical buttons except for the power switch and supports gesture-based controls.


Microsoft Thinks Voice is Next Big Thing

November 3, 2009

Microsoft seems to be embracing touch-sensitive controls more with Windows 7, but the company has given indications that it believes the next big thing in the industry could well be voice commands.

microsoft logo

Microsoft’s general manager for the “Speech at Microsoft Group,” Zig Serafin, is reported to have said in no uncertain terms that, “Voice is the new touch.” Given the rate at which Microsoft seems to have accepted touch-screens, and even been one of the very few companies pushing touch support in the early days of tablet PCs, that’s a fairly big claim to be able to make. According to the folks over at TomsGuide, Serafin put it,