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United Send Twitter to the Stands

January 19, 2010

After a season where three Premier League footballers have gotten into trouble over their Twitter accounts revealing team or transfer info, league champions Manchester United have taken a no-nonsense policy to social media by apparently deleting all personal Twitter and Facebook pages.

Wouldn’t you like to know his inner thoughts?

Both Sunderland’s Darren Bent and Hull City’s Freddie Adu got into a spot of bother earlier this season by revealing info about Bent’s transfer to the North East club and Adu being dropped from the Hull squad respectively. Following on from these much publicised blunders Liverpool’s Ryan Babel tweeted “Hey everyone. I’ve got some disappointing news, I am not travelling to Stoke. The Boss left me out the squad. No explanation”, before last weekend’s fixtures. It seems that United are trying to make sure that none of their players make any similar online slip ups.



Twitter Scales Back Archive

January 15, 2010

Users complaining about Twitter’s disappearing of tweets older than a few weeks will be displeased to hear that now, messages are only kept for seven days before being erased.

Indeed, according to SearchEngineLand, the reason behind it is tied in to Twitter’s massive popularity. It seems that Twitter now sees so much traffic that it’s impossible for the service to store and index much more than a week worth of content from its users. The upshot of this is that, to use the example the folks at SearchEngineLand used, a search for “Happy new year” constrained to the first of this year will return no results… strange stuff indeed.


Geologists Use Twitter to Study Quakes

December 15, 2009

The US Geological Survey has announced that it’s using Twitter to measure the human response to earthquakes in real time, and in turn to deduce the force of a quake in different areas at different times.

The BBC is reporting that the US Geological Survey is sorting through the increased volume of data that hits Twitter from effected areas during earthquakes. While it could lead to some very interesting results, it seems as though the USGS is fairly quick to emphasise the fact that it’s all experimental for now, the data won’t be boiled down into hard facts for now.


Twitter Users Seeing Wrong Tweets

December 10, 2009

Many Twitter users are reporting seeing some misplaced Tweets in their usual feeds, with some seeing updates from users whose settings mark them as protected, and so shouldn’t be visible to anyone but followers.

Word comes via Cnet that Twitter has added the “misdirected” tweets to its list of Known Issues, and it’s usually a short enough step from there to an issue being solved, but for now users seeing tweets from a source they’re not following looks set to continue.

Of course, this issue has only been worsened by a kind of general misunderstanding of the new “retweet” functionality added to Twitter, which allows users to share content updated from another account with their followers. Unfortunately, the fact that many seem to have been unprepared for the new retweet model means that there were an awful lot of people complaining about misdirected tweets before the bug was really recognised as a bug, rather than users simply misunderstanding.


Microsoft, Google Get Hands on Twitter

October 22, 2009

Late last night, Microsoft announced that it had sorted out a deal with the folks over at Twitter to ensure that the micro-blogging service would be searchable by its Bing search engine. Hours later, Google announced pretty much the same thing.

We might see more of this happy devil before it's all over :)

We might see more of this happy devil before it's all over 🙂

Both Microsoft and Google have clearly been weighing up the real-time search option that Twitter offers for quite a while, but it took a fair while to get there, and so far we’ve not seen compelling evidence that it can be done at all. As Microsoft’s Paul Yiu wrote on the subject,

“Web search engines update at pretty amazing rates, given what it takes to crawl the entire web and index it for searching, but getting that to ‘real time’ has been challenging.”


Facebook Pages Update Twitter

August 21, 2009

Facebook has today launched a new feature for users of its Pages service designed specifically to allow those users to share their Facebook status updates to Twitter automatically.


The new feature is for now only available to users with a Facebook Page, as opposed the standard Facebook profile you and I might own. This is a feature for people with “Fans” who might be interested in making the whole process of running a Facebook fan page and a Twitter profile for everyone to follow a little easier. Still though, it’s hard not to see this (as with so many other attempts to marry Facebook and Twitter) as sorely misguided.


Microsoft’s Bing Reads Twitter

July 2, 2009

Microsoft’s Bing seems still to be enjoying the opening push with a heap of users checking out the service just to check it out, but Microsoft seems to be actively gearing the search engine up to do things Google doesn’t, in this case the next big thing could well be the ability to search Twitter.


Questions have been raised about Twitter’s phenomenal growth, not just in terms of whether or not the kind of user base it’s attracted is in any way sustainable, but also in terms of the services from which it tends to distract people. Many bloggers have migrated a portion of their time and efforts to Twitter only to realise later that with Twitter there’s very little in the way of a ‘body of work’ left beyond the up to the minute live feed. Indeed, this has become one of the biggest worries about Twitter as a service – and it’s only worse when you take into consideration the fact that Google seems in no hurry to start indexing tweets.