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Brown-ie Points for Laptop Scheme

January 13, 2010

A man nearly as nationally unpopular as his Irish counterpart, Gordon Brown’s announcement that his Government is going to give away free laptops to pupils from poor backgrounds has been widely welcomed in the UK.

Gordon Brown, pictured in his wild child days of yore

A scheme that that will no doubt be watched closely on this side of the Irish sea, 270,000 families in England are set to benefit with the total cost of the project – entitled Home Access, making it sound like kids will only get to visit their laptops an the weekend and take them out to McDonalds – coming in at around £300 million (€335 million).



Facebook Involved in 20% of Divorces

December 23, 2009

It’s been a fairly common fact bandied about in the last year or so that Facebook is “bad for relationships,” but it seems that there are now some stats to back that claim up, and they don’t look good for Facebook.

Word comes from Divorce-Online, which used its own divorce petition database to obtain the results, that just shy of 20% of all of the divorces petitions it searched through had the word “Facebook” in the petition itself. Having the name of the service in the petition itself would seem to imply a fairly hefty connection between the two, and the folks at Divorce-Online were quick to point out what it means and why they’d studied it in the first place.


Virgin Testing Fileshare Monitors

November 27, 2009

Virgin Media has announced that it’s currently rolling out some new tech to take a peek at the amount of filesharing that’s happening across its service.

TheRegister is reporting on the trial of the new deep packet monitoring setup, called CView. Perhaps the single most striking thing about this announcement is that it’s being rolled out to such a high proportion of Virgin’s customers, with somewhere in the region of 40% of users set to be monitored when CView is implemented. Moreover, those customers who are being monitored aren’t going to be informed of the fact…

Indeed, shady as it might sound, Virgin Media contends that to inform users that their traffic was to be among the 40% being monitored for filesharing activity wouldn’t be in the best interests of its trial, instead saying,


UK Plan to Disconnect Pirates Faces Legal Challenge

October 30, 2009

The confirmation earlier in the week that internet pirates in the UK could face disconnection from the internet as a response to repeat offences has raised some issues with ISPs, who have threatened legal action.

Pirate Bay

TorrentFreak is reporting that, while there had been some how that it wouldn’t be supported, the disconnection of repeat offenders is set to go ahead as planned. The most interesting response hasn’t been from copyright groups, which are, unsurprisingly, quite supportive of an action with such a strong disincentive for copyright infringement.


UK Pirates Face Disconnection

October 29, 2009

It has been confirmed that internet piracy in the UK is to become an offence punishable by internet disconnection for the offender.

Pirate Bay

TGDaily is reporting that Peter Mandelson has confirmed that the UK is to pass legislation that would see repeat offenders disconnected from the internet. As had been discussed before, those users found to be guilty of illicit activity (copyright infringement being the most obvious example) conducted over the internet will be issued with a warning before facing disconnection.


Channel 4 to Push Shows to YouTube

October 16, 2009

Channel 4 has inked a deal with YouTube that will see its content appear on the online video service beginning in 2010.

channel 4 logo

According to The Guardian, the three-year deal between YouTube and Channel 4 has been fully six months in the making, and while there’s been relatively little detail revealed so far, it’s been said that the deal will see Channel 4 and YouTube sharing ad-revenue for the content. It’ll be interesting to see how YouTube and Channel 4 handle the content when it comes to regions outside the UK, which so far hasn’t been addressed.


Spotify Returns to Invitation Only

September 11, 2009

In a turn of events that goes a very long way to Spotify’s sudden cut in support for Irish non-premium users, the service has announced that it’s having a some trouble keeping up with spiralling demand.

spotify logo

Spotify has announced that it has had to return to an invitation-only model for the UK again. According to a post on the Spotify blog, the move comes after a significant increase in demand following the launch of Spotify’s mobile service. Of course, they’re trying to resolve the whole thing as quickly as possible, but as well you might have guessed, the fact that demand is outstripping the ability to provide a service is pretty good news as far as Spotify is concerned, especially considering the fact that not long ago people seemed to be damning it to failure.


YouTube Allows Music Videos Again

September 3, 2009

YouTube has made a deal with copyright holders to allow the service’s viewers in the UK to watch music videos on the site, removing the need for YouTube to remove certain videos for infringement.

YouTube logo

Earlier in the year, YouTube moved to block a significant amount of copyrighted content. Now though, thanks to the deal reached with collecting society PRS. The move to block copyrighted content followed the expiration of a previous agreement and the failure to come to a new arrangement. Details of the relationship between YouTube and PRS seem hard to come by. In a post on its UK blog, YouTube outlined the new agreement,


Palm Pre Coming to Ireland with O2

July 7, 2009

Palm has announced that its Palm Pre, often seen as the biggest competitor to Apple’s iPhone, will launch in Ireland and the UK with an exclusive deal with O2. So far there’s been no word about just when it’ll be available here, but there are plenty of details

Admittedly, it lacks the iPhone's cold, hard lines, but it's still hip.

Admittedly, it lacks the iPhone's cold, hard lines, but it's still hip.

Naturally the biggest question raised by the whole affair is that O2 has managed to pick up the other big smartphone for this year, seemingly without there being any kafuffle over it. While there’s been some news that the Pre isn’t performing quite as well as expected, it’s still one of the few phones to consider for those looking into the iPhone.