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Office 2010 RC Isn’t for Everyone

February 4, 2010

It seems that Microsoft’s beta testing of its upcoming update to its office suite, the appropriately named Microsoft Office 2010, is nearing readiness, with word emerging that there’s a Release Candidate (RC) build in the wild… but not everyone’s getting it.

Microsoft’s open beta programs have been working out very well indeed for it lately, with the company’s move to offer Windows 7 to everyone and anyone who wanted to download it resulting in a widely-tested and incredibly well publicised launch for the OS when it did release. Moreover, it meant that many who might otherwise have been hesitant to update had already been running Windows 7 for a while when it launched.



Google to Ditch IE6

February 1, 2010

Google has moved to drop support for Microsoft’s much maligned Internet Explorer 6, which is very much the bad penny of the Internet Explorer line, simply refusing to give up the ghost (and causing bloggers to mix metaphors cocktail-style).

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Given the recent security debate sparked by Google’s suffering of a large-scale attack in China, the spotlight has fallen on Internet Explorer as, to use Microsoft’s term, “one of the vectors” by which the attack was executed. While Microsoft, and others, have been quick to point out that more recent incarnations of IE are plenty secure, it’s IE6 that continues to take a beating.


Windows 7 Causes Battery Issues

January 29, 2010

It seems as though the upgrade to Windows 7 has been wreaking havoc on some users’ notebook batteries, dropping the running time by as much as 70%.

Word comes via TheRegister of the reasonably widespread complaints, with many users holding the upgrade to Windows 7 responsible for their sudden and noticeable drop in overall battery life. Moreover, the piece points to the forums over at Microsoft’s own TechNet that sees hordes of users with roughly the same complaint – that their battery life has been greatly diminished since the upgrade to Windows 7. Indeed, there’s been so widespread an outcry that Microsoft has responded directly to address the issue.


Intel to Blame for Win7 Upgrade Failures

November 27, 2009

Many users finding that their in-place upgrades from Windows Vista to the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 7, are failing may well have Intel’s storage drivers to blame more than anything Microsoft has done wrong.

According to the Inquirer, those users encountering the error caused by Intel’s questionable storage driver are being hit by an error message that tells them, helpfully enough, “\$windows. ~bt\windows\system32\drivers\iastor.sys. Status: 0xc0000359. Windows failed to load because a critical system driver is missing or corrupt.” Users are then chucked out of the installer and returned to Windows Vista, not much to be done about it.


Apple to Keep Intel Atom Support

November 6, 2009

Reports earlier in the week that Apple had made moves to cull support for Intel’s Atom line of netbook processors, some felt in an attempt to kill off the rampant “hackintoshing” of netbooks like Dell’s Mini 10.


Anyway, the most recent development has been that Apple looks to have made a bit of an about-face on the whole thing and decided that Atom support is something it probably wants to keep around. There’s a couple of reasons that this is interesting, not least of which the fact that it’s led to speculation that Apple might well be playing around with some of Intel’s low-power mobile processors in an upcoming piece of hardware, perhaps a netbook or the now practically certain Apple Tablet.


Windows 7 Initial Sales Outperform Vista

November 6, 2009

Initial sales of Microsoft’s newest OS, Windows 7, have put the sales of Windows Vista to absolute shame, outperforming it by around the 234% mark, which is fairly genuinely impressive.

windows logo

It’s also fantastic news for Microsoft, who just months ago had been expressing the sincere worry that Windows Vista, messy as it was on release, might well have introduced an early-adoption-fear to Windows users. When Microsoft admits to being scared then you know something’s up, but it seems that in this case those fears were unjustified, with Redmond managing to do very well out of Windows 7‘s launch altogether.


Latest Ubuntu Build Causing Headaches

November 3, 2009

It seems as though an unusually large proportion of those users who’ve opted to run the latest version of Ubuntu, Karmic Koala, have been experiencing headaches with the latest build.

ubuntu logo

TheRegister is reporting that those users encountering issues have seen a variety of fairly disastrous issues, including the operating system just plain not recognising hard drives, blank and flickering displays and defaulting to older Linux kernels and other bits and pieces that sound equally malign.


Microsoft Releases Win7 Student Fix

October 28, 2009

Microsoft has addressed the reasonably widespread issues people had been seeing with the cheaper, student editions of its latest operating system, Windows 7.

microsoft logo

The whole business stems from a number of users having difficulty installing the Student Edition of Windows 7, with Digital River specifically being referenced, but for those who’ve had issues with installs of Student Edition upgrades of Windows 7 it’s excellent to see Microsoft reaching out a bit to its student users (who seem to be the group who’ve paid the least for the new OS).


Windows 7 Upgrade Killing Some Machines

October 27, 2009

The launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7, has seen the company drive for in-place upgrades over clean installs, but now it’s looking like some of those upgrades aren’t working out quite as planned.


According to TomsHardware, the upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7can fail fairly catastrophically, leaving users with hardware that’s effectively unusable. According to a post on the Microsoft support board for Windows 7, one user ran into an infinite reboot cycle, interspersed with a message to inform him that his upgrade had failed.


New Mac vs PC Ads Assault Windows 7

October 23, 2009

Apple has launched a series of additions to its Mac vs. PC campaign that fairly directly attack Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 7.


While Apple’s advertising certainly had a fun slant on the endless Mac/PC debates when they first launched, its tried and tested “I’m a Mac,” “And I’m a PC,” formula has started to get a little tired. While the new ads are, honestly, quite funny in places, the whole thing is trending towards insipid, rather than comedic.