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Win7 Means Less Complaints to Microsoft

December 18, 2009

It seems that since the release of Windows 7 has seen calls to Microsoft’s customer care line diminish, bringing the volume of calls that the company’s call centres field down to half of what Microsoft expected.

Word comes from Cnet that Microsoft has seen the volume of calls to its customer care lines drop significantly more than even it expected since the launch of Windows 7. While it was reported earlier in the week that around 30% of all of the issues with Windows 7 were encountered during install, it had been speculated that the reason for that was that more people were trying a new install than with any Microsoft OS in recent memory.



Installing Windows 7 an SSD

December 16, 2009

A while back, we wrote up a piece on installing Windows to a solid-state drive and the reasons why everyone should at least consider doing it for the speed boost you’ll get from it.

Windows Vista:

Back then, we went through a list of reasons why Windows users might be better off using Windows XP than Windows Vista when it came to installing to an SSD, not least of which the fact that Vista, well apart from the fact that a lot of people just didn’t enjoy using it, wasn’t really built for use with SSDs.

Thanks to the fact that Vista wasn’t really made for use with SSDs, users who did opt to throw an install of it onto an SSD ended up seeing less of a performance boost than they might otherwise have. Moreover, because of the way that Vista uses the disk (which seems always assumed to be a standard hard drive) the OS itself can decrease the lifetime of the drive. It’s not a dramatic difference, but it’s something that most should be aware of.

So, in short, installing Windows Vista to an SSD probably isn’t the best idea.