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Flash To Hit Smartphones By 2010

October 5, 2009

With the launch of Flash 10.1 Adobe is boasting Flash support soon to be added to a number of smartphones and mobile devices.

adobe flash logo

The BBC is reporting that Adobe is to push a full-featured version of Flash to most “higher-end” handsets by 2010, which means the next couple of months should see those manufacturers who manage to be ahead of the curve touting Flash compatibility on their various smartphones.

If nothing else, this will open up a rich world of web-based applications and video to users with devices capable of handling the content. It’ll also stand as one of the biggest points against Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch lines. While the iPhone and iPod Touch both support YouTube, Flash support in Apple’s mobile version of its Safari browser has been a noticeable omission.



Palm to Launch Commercial App Store Thursday

September 21, 2009

Palm has announced that it intends to launch the for-pay version of it’s own answer to Apple’s incredibly successful App Store on September 24th, or this coming Thursday.


Word comes from DigitalDaily that Palm’s long-awated App Catalog’s launch date was quietly disseminated through a company timetable Palm released that indicated very succinctly, “9/24 Go live – Application sales go live.” It’s interesting that the launch has been announced so quietly, but we’d be willing to bet that this wasn’t quite how Palm envisioned everyone would find out about the paid-app launch.


iTunes 9 Breaks Palm’s Sync… Again

September 10, 2009

The latest shot in the shambling fight between Apple and Palm that’s gone on just long enough to be embarrassing for both parties is the news that Apple’s latest iTunes update, bringing the application up to iTunes 9, once again breaks the Sync function in Palm’s Pre smartphone.


For those of you who missed it, Apple initially updated iTunes to 8.1, breaking the ability of Palm’s Pre to sync content with Apple’s music player. The move is presumed to have been a direct response to the Pre as a threat to Apple’s smartphone, the iPhone. The real question now is how Palm will respond.


Palm Accidentally Releases WebOS 1.2 Early

September 7, 2009

It’s looking as though Palm has accidentally released the upcoming version of its WebOS, WebOS 1.2, with the latest build of its WebOS Doctor recovery tool for users of its Pre smartphone.


According to a report over on PreCentral, it looks as though using the WebOS Doctor to restore factory defaults to a dodgy Pre results in the WebOS Doctor installing WebOS 1.2. The current build of Palm’s WebOS Doctor is, of course, not the same one as was available earlier in the weekend, but that didn’t stop some people grabbing the botched copy and installing WebOS1.2 If nothing else this means that some users have been getting a bit of a sneak preview of the direction Palm is headed with its newest update. Some of the new features are particularly interesting.